When choosing flooring for your children’s bedroom, you need a flooring option that is durable and easy to clean. It should be up to heavy traffic, wear and tear and spills. As parents, you’re concerned with your children’s safety, so you want flooring surface that can protect your little ones from bumps and bruises. In other words, it should be kid friendly.

Whether your children are barely out of the crib or just learning how to walk, here are some of the best flooring choices for nursery and children’s bedroom.


Rubber floor is extremely durable. It can withstand scratches, tears and rips. Plus, it is a soft, cushiony material that is able to pad falls and impacts. This is why it is commonly used in playgrounds and children’s classrooms and bedrooms. However, this flooring material is quite expensive as compared to the others on the list. Plus, it can be somewhat irritating to some kids. That said, we recommend checking your child’s reaction to this flooring material before shopping for flooring.


Cork is soft, comfortable and easy to clean, making it an ideal flooring choice for children’s bedroom. It also has a built-in sound barrier that absorbs the noise. Plus, it is soft, comfortable and provides underfoot, so your children are less likely to trip, slip and fall.


Wall-to-wall carpet is one of the most common choices for kid’s bedroom. It is soft, plush and forgiving. It provides cushion to their footsteps, reduces slips and falls and minimizes injuries in case your child falls.

However, carpet tends to attract and retain dust and dirt. Plus, it can be extremely difficult to keep clean. Regular cleaning and vacuuming is a must to keep it clean. It also stains easily so you need to act fast in cases of spills. Otherwise, it may result to permanent stain. Remember, kids are messy. So if you choose to install wall to wall carpet in your children’s bedroom, be sure to keep an eye on them.