Painted wood floors take hardwood flooring to the next level. Wood floors are so chic and elegant-looking, some people may think that painting over wood floors is sacrilegious. It’s so rare, you won’t find an aisle devoted to it at any home improvement stores; you won’t even hear a contractor propose it. You’ll never even see them do it on a TV design show. Get ahead of the trends and refresh your floors with paint!

Painting on hardwood floors is not as crazy as you think. Here are 4 reasons why we think it’s a good idea.

Revive Old and Worn Floors

Wood floors are susceptible to scratches. Over time, that good looking floor will no longer appear quite attractive or new. If your hardwood floor is old and worn, painting over it is a great idea. Painted wood will give your floors a new and fresh look and will help cover up those nicks and scratches. Ultimately, it will help update your flooring; thereby, giving new, vibrant life to old floors. A great home remodeling alternative to tearing up your floors.

Saves You Time and Money

Refinishing wood floor is a tedious process. It is also a costly endeavor. To make your wood floor as immaculate-looking as it used to, it needs to be stripped, sanded, repaired, and then finished. Homeowners can’t do this on their own. Refinishing wood floor requires the skills and expertise of a professional. Of course, we recommend getting new floors no matter, if it’s a matter of safety.

But if your wood floors are still sturdy and just need of a facelift and you want a faster and more affordable option, try painting your wood floor. Some DIYers were able to do this project with just $10!

Express Your Creativity

While there is no denying that bare hardwood floor looks amazing, painted wood floors give off a unique and stylish look that cannot be replicated. With painted wood floors, you can go for a simple solid color, such as white, throughout or add patterns and designs to your floor. You can add artistic shapes and patterns that match your design vision. This allows you to express your creativity and reflect your personality in your home. Whether you want to DIY or get professional help, give painted wood floors a try if you’re looking for a unique but simple home remodeling project.