If you are planning to take on a flooring project, you have probably visited some flooring stores or have browsed online. You might have even been inspired by a home improvement show or from scrolling through Pinterest. When searching, did you notice the abundance of large format tiles in the local flooring stores?

Gone were the days when floor tiles are limited to basic small square tiles. Large format tiles are becoming a common sight in homes. So if you’re shopping for flooring, this may be an option you will want to consider.

Large format tiles offer a wide variety of benefits. Here are four reasons why they are a huge trend.

Enhance The Size Of The Space 

With the growing trend of open floor plans, everyone from commercial and residential owners wants to make the most of their floor plans. Large format tiles are great at making the most of the space; large or small.

When installed, large tiles in small spaces will have that widening effect. That is why many homeowners choose them for their small bathrooms. It is also why large format tiles are installed in commercial spaces, particularly in entryways and lobbies hope to open the room.

Even if you want to make your already large room seem more substantial, try format tiles. Large format tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Rectangular format tiles can elongate the room, giving the impression of more space. It is best suited for living rooms, entryways, halls and family rooms.

Easy to clean and maintain

Grout lines are lower than the tiles. Because of this, dirt gets stuck in the grout lines. Over time, your floor looks dirty and dingy. Larger tiles mean lesser grout, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning the floor and more time doing things you enjoy. Sounds like a win, win, right?!

Save money

Yes, large tiles are more expensive than regular-sized tiles. But because of its size, you’ll be using less of it, which in turn will help you save money.

Faster installation

If you are going to install large tiles in a room, the process will go faster. Small tiles take a long time to position and grout. Since bigger tiles cover a larger area, the installation process will be much quicker, and you will be enjoying your floor that much sooner. It may even make DIY project far more doable. Or let a professional handle it so that you can get right to enjoying your new floors.