Don’t hesitate walking the Plank in your Denver Home or Office

You do not need to fear when walking on plank hardwood flooring here at Denver Carpet and Flooring. Plank hardwood flooring has become an ideal fit for bathrooms and small dens. The flooring has a unique way of enlarging the room, while bringing a 20th century illustration to your Denver living area. Standard size for plank flooring has been 2 ¼ inches but now; homeowners are going with bigger floor boards, ranging from 3 to 7 inches. Plank hardwood flooring invites spacious opportunities while visually appealing to the eye. Mixing different sizes with the floorboards can give your Denver home a distinctive signature look. Plank hardwood flooring fulfills your room and attracts new opportunity while giving you the customization of your own personal taste.
If you choose Plank Hardwood Flooring for your Colorado home, you need to be careful because of how dry it is here. 7″ planks are ok with an engineered product but beware matee of the wider plank in a solid hardwood because they can warp. Make sure you have the correct humidifier installed on your hvac system in your home keeping the relative humidity between 30-50%

The visual and texture of Plank flooring

The smooth texture of plank flooring makes walking into your room feel easy and comfortable.
The lighting of the room will reach new levels of illumination with plank hardwood flooring. It will invite reflections of natural lighting, illustrating a clear view of the room. The room will have a sentimental value, making it appreciated with every passing glance. You will want Plank Hardwood Flooring in your Denver Home or office because it is twice the width of a regular hardwood floorboard. Thus, adding a charming visual to your home, while maintaining reliability in your hardwood flooring. With plank hardwood flooring your vision of your Denver home will come to fruition.

If you have ever been sailing on an old wooden sailing ship you know the feeling and the sound of being “on deck”. Sailing ships were the first way we explored the world. The Legends of Blackbeard and Captain Jack Sparrow have entered a new way of exploring the world from the luxury of your Denver home. With plank hardwood flooring you will have the opportunity to walk with the legends of Blackbeard and Captain Jake Sparrow, being the adventurer you always wanted to be, at the extravagance of your Denver living area.

Take your first steps on the plank hardwood flooring and bring new definition to your Denver home.

Plank hardwood flooring is just one of many options Denver Carpet and Flooring has to offer. For additional information for floor samples, colors and plank hardwood flooring options, call (303) 432-FLOOR (3566) or contact us to schedule an in home flooring estimate.