In order to get the most out of your carpet, having a good quality carpet padding is important. In fact, it is one of the factors that determine how long your carpet is going to last.

I’m sure you agree that a house is only as strong as the foundation it was built upon. Well, the same principle holds true with why carpet padding is important to your carpet foundation.

A Common Misunderstanding

Homeowners usually spend much of their time and attention in choosing the perfect carpet for their home. What they fail to realize is that the carpet pad is just as important as the carpet itself. In fact, most homeowners pay little to no attention to their carpet pads. Unless you don’t want your floor covering to last that long, you should never skimp on the pad.

Why Use Carpet Padding?

Carpet cushions can help increase the carpet’s useful life by as much as 50%. It also provides protection for the subfloor and the carpeting itself. Plus, it helps keep your carpet looking new for the years to come. Consider the cost, quality, durability and compatibility when selecting a carpet pad for your home.

Every time you walk on the floor, hundreds of pounds of pressure is subjected on your carpet. A carpet pad absorbs the impact of foot traffic. If you are planning to install your carpet in high traffic areas, opt for a denser, thinner carpet cushion. This will help reduce pile crushing and allow the carpet to maintain its pile height.

Considering your Carpet Padding Choices

Since the pad adds a layer of cushion to your floor, opt for something that is soft enough so it feels comfortable underfoot, yet provides good support that doesn’t bottom out when you walk on it.

If you are to ask carpet installers, they would tell you that it’s okay to recycle your old carpet pads. But unless the pad was designed for more than one carpet installation, you should never lay a new carpet on an old pad. Otherwise, this will cause an unsightly appearance and contribute to wear and tear. The carpet may look worn and fall apart, even if it was just recently bought and installed.

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