Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a sensible thing to do. Because of all the traffic it encounters, there could be so many creepy crawlers lingering in the fibers of your carpet. So you paid a lot of money to have your already expensive carpet professionally cleaned. But the last thing you need is your carpet shrinking into a smaller pile once they’re done.

Woven carpets, especially those that contain jute in their construction, are more likely to shrink. Shrinking can occur if too much moisture has been applied to the carpet or if the carpet cleaner failed to provide good ventilation immediately afterwards.  Underpowered machinery can also contribute to carpet shrinking. The machine should be powerful enough to suck out most of the cleaning liquid from the carpet.

Good news is not all types of carpet are prone to cleaning. These days, most carpets are made of synthetic fibers, which will not be affected by water. This makes the possibility of carpet shrinkage almost impossible.

How to prevent carpet shrinking

Yes, carpets can shrink after cleaning. But this can be prevented if you hire a reputable carpet cleaning company. Experienced carpet cleaners are well aware of the risks and will take appropriate measures to avoid this problem.

Hiring untrained cleaners can lead to carpet cleaning horror story. Most carpets shrink because the carpet cleaner is inexperienced or inefficient. There are a lot of carpet cleaners around the world, but not all of them have enough experience, not to mention quality equipments to handle the job. It can be easy to buy a machine, slap a company name on the side of their vehicle and establish themselves are professional carpet cleaners.

Hiring a reputable company makes all the difference in your satisfaction. Contact Denver Carpet & Flooring and have peace of mind knowing that you hired a reputable company with the best equipment to get the job done.