Choosing wood flooring for you home can be a big decision. When choosing amongst your wood flooring options, there are a lot more things to consider than what meets the eye.

If you are debating whether you should get light or dark wood flooring, this blog post is for you. Read on and we’ll help you choose between the crispy, airy feeling of light-colored flooring and the rich elegance of a dark floor.


Light floors are a great choice for smaller rooms as they can make your space appear larger and brighter. In addition to that, floors with light finish go with almost everything. They offer many design solutions for your interior and are easy to decorate around. Maple and oak are the most popular wood species to create a light floor.

When choosing flooring, it is important to consider how it will look over time. Light wood floor is a good choice for you if you have pets. This is because it is harder to see pet dander, dust, and scratches on light floor.


Dark floors are in, and have been for quite some time now. They are rich and dramatic looking. However, it can make the room appear darker. This is not an issue if you’re planning to create a cozy lounge, where you and your family can relax by the fireplace. But if you really want dark flooring in your living area, we suggest that you pair it with light-colored walls to prevent it from looking too gloomy.

You may also be tempted to install dark floor in the hallway, thinking it would look stunning. While there is no denying to the drama and character that dark flooring provides, it has a tendency to show dust and grime. You can see every speck of dust from a mile away. You can also see the littlest scratches. If you can live with it, then go ahead.

If you really want dark wood flooring in your home, Brazilian cherry and mahogany are great options. Brazilian cherry gives a lovely finish and darkens as it ages. Mahogany is prized for its beauty and rich color.