Porcelain Tile Flooring & Installation

Porcelain Tile

Although it’s a type of ceramic, porcelain tile is different because it has been placed in a kiln at a much higher temperature. Also, it’s primarily made of materials that are more refined and purified. As a result, porcelain floor tiles are a lot more dense than ceramic tiles, making this a superb choice for any homeowner in search of the highest quality tile flooring.

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What makes porcelain tile such a great option for homeowners?

  • When it comes to designing a room with porcelain tiles, the possibilities are endless. There are so many styles to choose from, including tiles that mimic the look of granitemarble, bamboo, cork, wood, and steel.
  • Porcelain tiles are extremely durable (they’re even fire-resistant!), so this flooring is a great choice for high-traffic rooms. In addition to being resistant to breaking and cracking from heavy impact, this type of tile is also resistant to liquids, particularly when glazed, so you don’t have to worry about spills—great for families with kids and pets!
  • Because porcelain is strong and solid, as well as stain-resistant, it’s easy to maintain and clean. To keep your tiles looking like new, sweeping and mopping regularly is all you need to do. Wiping up spills is a snap, and you can also use a vacuum (without the beater bar turned on) as an alternative to sweeping.  
  • When properly installed, porcelain tiles can last a lifetime, so they help add value to your home. And if a tile does become damaged, you can remove it and replace it without having to replace the entire floor.
  • Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are very similar. Therefore, it can be hard to tell the difference. However, with help from our flooring specialists, you can learn about their differences and choose the porcelain tile that will suit your design preferences and your budget.  

Porcelain Tile Features

Despite their similarities, when compared to ceramic tile, porcelain is harder and denser, and it will cost a bit more because of its quality. Also, because of its density, porcelain provides homeowners with more options when it comes to cut, design, size, and custom effects.

While shopping for porcelain tiles, you’ll notice that there are basically two main types to choose from:   

  • Through-bodied porcelain doesn’t have any glaze that can eventually wear off. Instead, the color and texture will run all the way through this tile, disguising chips or scratches as a result.
  • Glazed porcelain tiles will showcase a hard finish that’s typically colored. For this reason, glazed porcelain comes in the widest range of colors and designs.

Porcelain Tile Installation

Because porcelain tiles are heavier and harder than other types of flooring, installation by professionals is always recommended. Placing these tiles yourself isn’t a DIY project that you want to take on, as it’s time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Plus, if you don’t prepare your subfloors properly and have the right materials on hand throughout the project, you might be sorely disappointed with the results.  

At Denver Carpet & Flooring, our pros know exactly how to install porcelain tile flooring for the most beautiful and long-lasting results. We’ll take care of everything, from measuring your room and preparing the subfloors, to setting your tiles perfectly into place.

When shopping for the tiles that will enhance your space, our experts can make the experience easy and fun. We’ll even gladly bring samples right to your home to help you choose the product that’s ideal for your needs and expectations. Then, we’ll provide a detailed quote and get your porcelain tiles installed quickly.  

We always have a wide range of high-quality tiles available from top brands, and we offer them at prices to suit all budgets. Contact us or schedule a free estimate today to see some of the latest porcelain trends for yourself.