Cork flooring comes from the bark of harvested cork oak trees. It’s a recent favorite flooring choice for residential and commercial establishments. Cork is a comfortable, natural and sustainable flooring option. So a lot of homeowners have been asking about it. So, what’s the real deal about cork flooring? Is it the right choice for your home?
Here are some of the benefits of cork flooring to help you make your choice.


Cork flooring has been popular because it’s an eco-friendly and sustainable option. As mentioned above, it comes from the bark of cork oak trees. The tree doesn’t get torn down to harvest cork, so the trees don’t die. Furthermore, the bark grows back within three years, making it completely renewable. It’s also natural, so it’s biodegradable – wholly sustainable. Cork flooring is an excellent flooring option for homeowners who strive to be green.

Comfortable Underfoot

If you’ve ever popped a champagne bottle open, you may have noticed that it’s somewhat squishy. So cork is a tremendous in-between of carpet and hardwood flooring. It’s made from wood bark but has a soft surface. Due to this soft surface, cork flooring is comfortable underfoot. Cushioning your feet and anything that falls. Because of this, a lot of homeowners choose to install cork flooring in kids’ bedroom and the kitchen.

Money-Saving Insulation

Cork flooring has millions of tiny air pockets. These acts as barriers against the transmission of noise, heat, and cold. It’s the best flooring option right after wool carpet! Cork flooring will save you a lot of money on heating and air conditioning for your home.

Easy Maintenance

Dirt and other debris may act like sandpaper that can ruin the protective layer of your floor. This problem is an easy fix with regular vacuuming to maintain the integrity of your floor. Since it’s also great for noise-cancellation, you don’t have to worry about it bothering anyone below! Cork flooring is also water-resistant. Soaking up spills immediately after they happen minimizes stains.

Ages Well

Staining or fading would look unappealing for some material. With cork flooring, that doesn’t have to be the case. Like wood floors, it can easy to refinish. Most of the time, reapplying a finish sealer over your cork flooring works. Luckily, aged and distressed wood is trendy.
With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that cork flooring is one of the top eco-friendly flooring options. If you’re interested in installing cork flooring, schedule a free in-home consultation today.