Residential Flooring

Residential Flooring

Floors are a fundamental element of your home’s design. As the foundation for your rooms, floors form one of the largest surface areas of your home and have a major impact on overall space. The bond is intimate; your feet touch your floors everyday as they guide you through your home.

No matter the budget, Denver Carpet & Flooring has a full range of best-in-class surfaces affording you the opportunity to choose functional flooring to showcase your style and personality.

Tailor Made

A process tailor made for you is a cornerstone of our award winning, gold standard Peak Experience. Schedule an appointment now for a FREE in-home consultation OR visit our centrally located showroom and take the first step to reach your flooring peak.

The value and service is unsurpassed no matter where you begin your experience and likewise, whether you choose to Do-It-Yourself or let us provide professionally installation.

Denver Carpet & Flooring is DIY Friendly; we have all the renewably resourced, budget conscious, time saving, durable and tasteful surfaces to meet your needs at prices that can’t be beat.

Start designing now, here are some practical design tips and ideas: